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Family Travel Association Advantages

FTA Advantages are special offers reserved only for Family Travel Association members. They’re one way the FTA continues to leverage the strength of our network to provide benefits and opportunities to strengthen your company – and ultimately the industry as a whole.

February 2019

This Month's FTA Advantages Are:


$1,000 Savings Per Child on Two Sailings with
FTA Media Center Member
Erin Kirkland
-- Expert Youth Adventurer

  • July 5 and August 9, 2019, round-trip Juneau, Alaska on the 90-guest SS Legacy.  
  • Itinerary includes an amazing day in Glacier Bay National Park!
  • Any family with 8 or more in their group will receive additional savings.  
  • Comp escort/tour cabin-for-two available for every 12 guests booked. 
  • See full itinerary details by clicking here:
  • *offer good through March 15
Reach out to Yolanda at yolandab@uncruise.comand reference the Family Travel Association.

$0 Wire Fees on International Transfers & 
$10 Wire Fees for USD Transfers

Opening an account is free with AFEX, and there are no monthly maintenance fees. Once you open an AFEX account, you can take advantage of:

  • Convenient, secure and fast delivery of funds
  • Targeted and competitive exchange rates
  • Rapid banknote delivery services from AFEX retail branches
  • Incoming and outgoing wire transfers with no minimum threshold
  • Spot, Forward and Option contracts to minimize FX exposure
  • Global 24/7 secure payments online with AFEXDirect

Reach out to Ned at ndonkle@afex.comand reference the Family Travel Association.

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